Dr. Vance Cortez-Rucker
Lamar University
Beaumont Texas, USA.

Dr. Vance Cortez-Rucker is a professional educator with twenty-nine years of service to students and parents. He is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, Arkansas where he received his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. He received his Master Degree in Public School Administration from the University of North Texas and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration from Texas A&M.

Dr. Cortez-Rucker has specialized in the study of communication and organizational patterns of local ethnic communities. He has over twenty years working with school boards and community groups who represent a wide variety of minorities with micro ethical and socio-economic imperatives. He is presently a professor at Lamar University, Beaumont Texas. He teaches school law and school personnel classes to online students and is a part of one of the largest Educational Leadership on line programs in the state with an average student load of approximately 2,900 students.