Farmers’ Cooperatives in the Conflict Ridden Areas: The Maguindanao, Southern Philippines Experience
Dr. Radzak Abag Sam, Solayha Abubakar –Sam

This research showed case the typical experiences of four farmers’ cooperatives in the conflict ridden areas of Maguindanao, Southern Philippines. With the use of a case study method, the research found that for cooperatives to viably operate in this province, the following organizational factors are critical: a)efficient utilization of resources; b) dynamism and versatility in income-generating activities; and c) strong family –based leadership . The coops’ purposes and objectives, and organization and management appear not to be critical at all. Coop networks and assistance extended by government agencies and international organizations proved to be contributing factors for coops’ viable operations. However, links with non-governmental organizations, local governments and coop federations and unions did not appear to be critical for the coops’ survival. Private sectors also assisted coops by providing technical know - how, and in marketing their products. Finally, despite of difficulties in operations, the political, economic and social environments appeared to have negative impact on the coops operation.

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