Study the Effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Reducing Depression Symptoms and Body Image Dissatisfaction in Obese Women in Isfahan City (2012-13)
Mojgan Rafiee, Dr. Najmeh Sedrpoushan, Dr. Mohammad Reza Abedi

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of acceptance and commitment therapy on reducing depression symptoms, body image dissatisfaction in obese women, respectively. This semi- experimental study has control andexperimental groups with pre- test, post-test and follows up. Study population included all women who were obese at Isfahan in 2012-13, based on a random sampling of 30obese women who went to Sepahan health clinic in Isfahan their score in Fisher's body image test was 46 to138 and their score in Beck depression inventory was 11 to 63. They were randomly assigned to two groups of 15were replaced. The treatment (Acceptance and Commitment Approach) experiment on the group, eight sessions of two-hour once a week took, control group did not receive any training. In order to test the research hypotheses, analysis of variance with repeated measures was used.The results showed that the independent variable is effective in reducing depression and reducing body image dissatisfaction. Approach in terms of acceptance and commitment (ACT) leads to reduced body image dissatisfaction (F= 38.03, p< 0.01) and depression (p< 0.01, F= 6.56) in obese women.

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