“Men have been there for too Long, let’s have some Space”: Hilda Twongyeirwe Rutagonya on Femrite and Literary Activism in Uganda
Folasade Hunsu

The interview with Hilda TwongyeirweRutagonya focuses on the emergence of FEMRITE as a women’s literary movement. It talks about the association’s commitment to promoting women and women’s literature in Uganda. The interview gives an insight into the inner workings of the association and how it qualifies as a literary activist group which mobilizes against women’s minimization on the literary scene. Specific activities of FEMRITE such as writing workshops, public readings, book clubs, and reader/writer interactive forum among others are discussed, showing how they have been deployed to break men’s monopoly of the Ugandan literary scene.It highlights the importance of collective action to the overall goal of the association without overlooking the creative talent and vision of individual writer as it shows in the case of Rutagonya. By discussing her personal experience and writing, this interview foregrounds the influence of the group on an individual writer.

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