Africa at Cross-Roads in Her Development: The Urgent Need of a Developmental State for Africa
Akpomuvie Orhioghene Benedict

The paper is directed towards addressing Africa Development challenges and making a case for the promotion of developmental states for Africa largely because of the inability of previous development approaches to help the continent in diversifying and transforming its economies, generate steady and sustained high growth rates. In many African countries, the state is the main organ of development. It is, nonetheless, unable to fulfil many development objectives and needs because of what has been referred to as “the paradox of development” in Africa, which makes the state both the promoter and inhibitor of development. The paper which relied on secondary sources of data revealed that the survival of the state rather than socio-economic development has been a major pre-occupation of many African governments. In addition, most states are also “soft” and “weak” because, in addition to their inadequate managerial capabilities and economic problems, they rest on a narrow base of support due to the low level of democratization occasioned by excessive bureaucratization and control over most political and economic institutions. It however, recommended that African states have three major developmental tasks for achieving economic transformation; planning the process, formulating appropriate policies and implementing the plans and policies. It needs to set up (or revive) key planning institutions and give them the power and autonomy to do their work.

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