Chemical Management Practices of Basic Science Teachers
Sofia B Shah, Runaaz Sharma

The study investigatedlower secondary Basic Science teacher’s professional practice with chemical management in schools. The study sample included 70 schools in the Western VitiLevu education districts in Fiji. The participants’ practice with chemicals in their Basic Science teaching and learning was studied. The data were collected by questionnaire, semi structured interview, documentary analysis and observation. A triangulation method was used to analyse the data. Results indicate that the participants had poor understanding of chemicals and therefore displayed unsafe handling, storage, usage and disposal practices. The participants lacked the knowledge to sufficiently manage chemicals for their personal protection and did not have any sensitivity of the effect of chemicals in the society.These results are discussed in relation to the literature on chemical education, chemical management, chemical literacy and scientific literacy more generally.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsspi.v2n3a4