Conceptual Approach to the Terminology of Social Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany
Dr. Stefanos Koffas

The descriptive analysis of the terminology used in social policy in the Federal Republic of Germany aims to the comprehension of the concepts and the various terms used, in order to, ultimately, demonstrate the differences and particularities that exist among them. The theoretical approaches as those are formed by academic knowledge, as well as the professional practice in Germany are also taken into consideration. Furthermore, the practical application of the terms that describe state sociopolitical intervention are presented and analyzed. The analysis clarifies the differentiation between the concepts of social policy, social state (Sozialstaat) and welfare state (Wohlfarsstaat)2, and at the same time underlines the importance of particularities in the establishment of social security structures based on the use of specific terms and concepts. Great emphasis is placed on the practical aspect of the social policy exercised, i.e. the way that this concept is involved with the various social security systems and with the meaning that the organisational and operational principles of these systems have.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsspi.v4n2a1