An Arab-Islamic Awakening or a Setback to the Community?
Dr. Labeeb Ahmed Bsoul

Throughout history, Muslim think redeveloped a method that, in many respects, influenced thinkers of the Arab renaissance for decades, not to mention their contribution to the production and accumulation of knowledge. Through this, intellectuals sought to keep up with the overall political, social, economic, and ideological transformation defined by society, since the knowledge of the form of statehood in particular, and the subsequent attempts to modernise the various structure and institutions, in an attempt to catch up with the modern dominant culture. This paradigm has motivated scholars in the Islamic studies field to examine this attribute, scrutinise its validity and accountability, and its positive and negative impact on Muslims. This, study attempts to clarify the various position ns held certain scholars

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsspi.v5n1a2