The Impact of Social and Political Developments in the School books of the School Subject Social and Political Education in Greece (from 1956 to 2017)
Vasiliki Daskalou, Monika Papa, Sousanna-Maria Nikolaou

The subject of Social and Political Education is being taught in Greece at primary level as a compulsory subject in the fifth and sixth grade of primary school. The specific lesson as a part of the curriculum is under-rated, though it plays a crucial role in the formation of the responsible, active and democratic citizen. In Greece substantial political and social changes have significantly influenced the books’ contents of social and political education at primary education. In this paper we consider the contents of the schoolbooks about social and political education and influence that they had by the social and political developments since the introduction in the curriculum up today.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsspi.v5n1a4