Democratization in Indonesia: A Study on National Police Performance in Securing Lebaran (Moslems Religious Holiday) Agenda
Arif Darmawan, Gaguk Harijanto

There is a gap between public and police perception on the success of Lebaran security operation in 2016. This different perception is further reviewed through performance evaluation. The evaluation applies the models core concepts denoted by acronym CIPP, which stands for evaluations of an entity’s context, input, process, and product. The result conclude that the Lebaran Security Operational performance by theSatuan Operasi (Sops Kepolisian = Police Operational Unit)has quite successfully performed, instead of some obstructions due to the less coordination of the existing qualified personnel to adjust the dynamic condition on location.Lebaran security police operational targetis unmeasurable, as no qualitative success standard reflected therein. The researcher propose a necessary ideal model to be performed by the police to establish similar perception (as attached) on the subject matter.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsspi.v5n2a2