Views of Community on Social Responsibility of Companies Working in Rural Areas
Hamood Al-Nofli, Rashid Al-Busaidi, Mahad Baawain, B S Choudri, Khalifa Al-Fazari1, Khalifa Al-Zeidi

Recently, the Al-Wusta region in Oman has become very important area for corporate sector because of the establishment of Special Economic Zone in Duqm in the year 2011. Community views collected on social responsibility of companies working in the Al-Wusta region through questionnaire survey across four Wilayats. About 1150 residents randomly interviewed focused on the concerns related to social responsibility of companies in the region. Results of survey indicated that companies working in the area seem to have low level of reputation among locals and companies do not prefer locally produced products such as meat, fish, vegetables as well as other social resources available for renting of buildings and cars for their routine use. There are also strong views that companies are hiring more foreign workers over locals, it is important that companies need to balance such hire providing the needed skills, particularly local youths. Importantly, the study identified that community in the region would like to know more about the companies, their programmes and engagement through awareness and capacity building programmes. Overall, the study suggest that there is a need to build the gap between citizens and companies in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsspi.v9n1a1